Developing Good Study Habits For Better Grades in Exams

For many students, the concept of studying seems to be a huge task, which involves drowning in information, long hours slaving away in front of a book and a few cups of coffee.

Well, studying does not have to be that way Рwell, not all the time, anyway.Get more details about

There has to be a better approach to studying, right?

You probably already know that not all people use the same methods for learning. The development of good study skills may be heavily dependent on your learning style. Developing good study habits, however, may be the same for everyone.

Here’s how:

1. Create a Study Plan:

Quality over quantity. Understanding your lesson is much more important than wasting away precious minutes in front of your textbook.

Don’t chain yourself to a chair to finish a chapter for exams if you can learn the same amount of material by acting it out. Likewise, do not participate in group study sessions if you won’t retain anything afterwards, anyway. Know what works best for you and maximize it.

Make a study plan and stick to it if it works, or tweak it if it needs improvement.

2. Stay Motivated:

Even if all the conditions in the world would have been perfect for studying, if you are not in the mood for it, you may just as well be wasting your time.

If you have to study every day for a long time for your better results, maybe a few tools can help motivate you along the way.


  • Keep a to-do list. Each item you check off from that list gives a feeling of satisfaction. It can also motivate you since you will feel like you are accomplishing something great in life.



  • Take short breaks in your study regimen. You can treat this as a reward, which is motivational in and of itself, but spacing your sessions can also help revitalize the brain from the bombardment of information. With your mind and body feeling fresher after a healthy break, you will have a brighter attitude when studying the next portion of your lesson.



  • Find places where you are motivated to study and have no other thing to do but study. It would be better to find more than one just in case your favorite place is packed!


3. Concentrate:

One of the biggest struggles in the life of students today is the huge amount of distractions all around them. From the TV, to the internet, mobile games, calling friends, eating, that new spat involving Kim Kardashian… there’s just too many things you would rather do than study!

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