Helping to Keep a Greener Planet Using Cotton Rag Rugs

The problem of global warming had become one of the very old dilemmas we are facing. Visit 0nline for more details, The melting of the polar ice caps in both the North and South Poles, the inevitable and significant increase of the sea level day by day, the abnormal blockage of the water current throughout the world due to temperature shifts, and the irreversible damage brought by CO emissions to our safety blanket, the ozone layer, tend to bring the pressure onto us to start living with concern to our good old Mother Nature. Even if we are choosing the best rug to use for our home, we could definitely show support for a greener and healthier cause. How? Use earth-friendly rugs.

Cotton rag rugs, as it name connotes, is made from 100% natural cotton rag fibers. This material has been long known as a perfect cover for your floors, as their texture is very soft and fluffy. Most of all, unlike the plastics in polypropylene rugs, all the raw materials used in manufacturing this rug is from the fruits of earth.

This further ensures the biological deterioration of the material if it was about to be thrown. Plastics may take hundreds of years to decompose, so using them as a rag, especially if the rag is a round braided one, you might be further sickening the already worse condition of our planet.

In the question of being earth-friendly, cotton rag rugs had by now passed. How about on the other characteristics a good rug should possess? Well, consider the durability first. Obviously, cotton fibers are much prone to disintegration and wear and tear compared to the seemingly invincible plastic.

However, a technique of braiding the rugs could definitely increase the strength of certain cotton rag rugs. A round braided cotton rag rug would surely be more resilient to corrosion since the fibers in this design are more compressed, thus, making it difficult to deteriorate the fibers by thread. However, remember that because the fibers are tightly corded with each other, the texture might be different from the fluffy cottony feel.

Cotton, in an abundant amount, could surely protect your soles from the cold cemented or tiled floor you may have. The same thing is true with cotton rag rugs. The closeness and thickness of each strand would define the ability of the rug to block the cold surges.

With that, during winter, it would be better to double the layer of cotton rag rugs of your floor. Doing this would effectively increase the density of the cotton fibers per cubic inch of your floor that would cause the proportional increase in its ability to insulate your feet from the freezing temperature.

The designs available for cotton rag rugs would surely amaze you. Every set is of different style; the decorations provided are of high quality, the color choices are increasingly creative, and the overall theme could fit in mostly every house. Surely, after placing your own picked cotton rag rug, you can limit your time to decorate further.

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