How to End a Relationship? Here’s the Best Advice to End a Relationship Without Hard Feelings

How to end a relationship when you feel that you are no longer in love with your partner and you want to move on. Or even worse, how to end a relationship when you are still in love with your partner, but for some reason, get someone to love you ,you think it is best for you to end the relationship.

Whatever the reasons may be that make you want to end a relationship, still the fact is, it is hard to end a relationship. While ending a relationship is hardly at the top of anybody’s list, the truth is, when a relationship has gone bad, someone has to make the move to end it. Many relationships that could have been long adjourned, keep going on just because it is hard to break up.

In my opinion, a relationship need not end in a dramatic manner with harsh words being yelled at your partner or your partner’s belongings being thrown out of the house. Sometimes, a relationship may just die a natural death. Both partners recognize that the relationship needs to be called off but no one is willing to take action and end it. All the same, you need to formally end a relationship when you feel it is over so that you can have the freedom to move on without feeling guilty.

So how do you end a relationship in a civilized way so that no one is hurt? Such a question is hard to answer but here is how I was able to end my relationship with my boyfriend without any hard feelings.

It had been a long time that I had a gut feeling that things were no longer working between us. I did not feel as loved as I wanted to and though I tried to make excuses for him, I only realized that I was doing myself a great disservice because the longer I pretended like everything was alright, the more I was hurting myself.

I also knew he wanted to end the relationship but was afraid to hurt me and was wondering how to end a relationship?

The first thing I did to help me end a relationship was to make sure I was clear on why I wanted to end the romance. I had to get honest with myself and face things just the way they were instead of being in denial.

Sometimes your friends notice that a relationship is not good for you but because you are so desperately in love,you live in denial, refuse to end the relationship and end up suffering unnecessarily. So it is important that you be honest with yourself.

After doing some self assessment as to why and how to end a relationship, I called my boyfriend and scheduled a mutually convenient place and time for us to meet and end the relationship. I feel it is better to end a relationship in person rather than over the phone so that you can be there to comfort and support the other party when they become very emotional.

Ending a relationship over the phone can make you be more dramatic and less compassionate than you would be if you did it in person. Of course, in a long distance relationship, it is better to end the relationship over the phone instead of waiting to get back together.

I wanted to stay friends with my ex so it was important that I conclude our romantic ties in a compassionate manner. We talked about the things we had learned while together and the memories we would cherish during our time apart. I avoided blaming and attacking my boyfriend, though I had a million reasons to do so. I just figured that taking it personal was not how to end a relationship.

He said things that I know he did not mean because he was hurt but I tried to overlook them and not to take it personal. He also asked me to give him time to deal with ending the relationship and asked if he could see me a few more times if he needed to. I agreed, gave him the space he needed to go through the transition but made myself available to meet him occasionally, no emotions attached.

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