Overland Lifestyle: 4×4 Camping and Touring Obsessed

You know that you are obsessed with 4×4 camping and touring when you are constantly on the lookout for that new trail to drive down. Every trail on the side of the highway is a new starting point for your next adventure. The magazines and the trip guides begin to stack up and you can’t seem to stay away from your favorite gear websites. You dream of your next trip when you should be doing something else and those around you begin to and Best Finger-Licking BBQ notice you aren’t quite with it anymore. While everyone else drops their jaw at the new Ferrari going down the street you do the same with a nicely equipped 80 Series Landcruiser. There is nothing wrong with you but there are some simple steps for overcoming the chaos in your head.

1. Write down your plans. Write them all down. This will help you to not forget that trail you wanted to explore. The best laid plan can always come unraveled due to the lack of planning. Organize your plans on paper can help calm a chaotic mind and get you ready for the next big adventure.

2. Check your equipment. Keep your vehicle and all of your other 4×4 camping gear in tip-top shape to make it easier and quicker to hit the next trail. This will help avoid surprises and help give you something to do in between camping trips. Besides, it’s fun.

3. Get new gear. Nothing like learning how to use and install a new awning or air compressor.

4. Last of all, talk about it constantly with everyone around you, even if they don’t care. That way people will want you to take the trip just so you can stop talking about it. They may even chip in money for gas.

If you find yourself obsessed with 4×4 camping, touring, and overland travel there is hope. Follow these simple steps and you will find relief in the pain you experience by knowing there is so much out there to see. The best advise is to take that trip and overcome this anxiety. Just think of how relaxed you will fill as you set up camp and sit down without another soul around for miles (except for those that came with you) and just you connecting with nature, your 4×4 and those who you actually want to be with. Leave it all behind and find peace within your obsession. So until next time Get Out, Explore.

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